Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education

Become a Board Member

MAEOE is led by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board provides direction for the organization, determines and develops initiatives and partnerships, and is responsible for ensuring that members receive services and the bylaws are followed. 

Serving on the Board of Directors is a great way to be involved in guiding MAEOE on its mission of “promoting environmental literacy through education.”  There is a time commitment involved and Board members do have active duties, including committee chair responsibilities.  Along with these requirements, however, there are many personal and professional benefits to serving on the Board.  For example, serving on the Board is a great way to learn or develop new skills and use your existing skills to benefit a greater cause. 

MAEOE’s Board of Directors includes eleven elected positions and two ex officio advisory positions.  A typical Board term is 3 years.  There are 5 executive positions and 6 at-large positions.  Elections for new Board members take place at the conference each year. 

Are you ready to take a leadership role in MAEOE?  If you think you have the motivation, enthusiasm and skill to join us in supporting the MAEOE mission (or you think you might!), then please check out the candidate forms.  Also, feel free to contact Ashlie Smith, President or any Board Member for more information or details.

Elections for the Board of Directors take place each year at the MAEOE Annual Conference in early October.  Nomination applications are accepted at any time throughout the year.  To ensure your name is on the ballot for this year’s election, however, please submit forms no later than 30 days prior to the conference.

Board Nomination Form