Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education

Environmental Education Supply Sources

​Acorn Naturalists - Books, skull/scat/track replicas, activities about weather/climate/ecosystems/plants/animals/insects and art supplies.

Amazon - New and used books and field guides.

Carolina Biological Supply - Science supplies and materials for use in the science classroom, including living & preserved specimens, Wisconsin Fast Plants, chemistry, etc. 

Co-op America National Green Pages - Green Business Directory

Forestry Suppliers – Comprehensive source for environmental monitoring supplies, including forests, soils, wildlife, weather. 

Genesis , Inc. - Sterile Barn Owl pellets.
(Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection for many species)

LaMotte - Environmental education monitoring and testing supplies, macroinvertabrate waterproof L.E.A.F. sorting sheets.

Nasco - Dissection materials, curriculum kits and supplies.

Nature Watch - Craft kits, supplies, books, posters, animal replicas and more.

Oriental Trading - Crafts, games, trinkets and rewards for competitions and giveaways.

Skulls Unlimited - Skulls, claws, teeth and eggs and replicas.

Wards, Inc. - Earth Science and Environmental Science supplies, including rocks, minerals, fossils, activity sets, media, maps and posters.