Areas Included

- Program

- Stipends & Scholarships

- Vendors & Exhibitors

- Silent Auction

- Book Fair

- Hospitality 

- Awards

- Nominations


Environmental Educator Certification

- Mini Grants

- Project WILD

- Website & Social Media


- Membership

- Wild Apricot

- Fund Development

- News and Politics

- Manage Four Accounts

- Prepare Annual & Conference Budgets

- Disburse mini-grant funds

- Submit Quarterly Reports & Taxes

- Advise Organization on Financial Matters

- Meet with Committee 4 Times/Year





​Communications & Marketing


Strategic Plan​​

​Diversity and Inclusion 

​Long Term Planning

Join a Committee

Board Member Involvement

- Katie Kunze (chair)

- Cindy FitzWilliams-Heck  

(program chair)

- Marilena Burlacu (finance)

- Kevin Frailey (awards)

- Jon Gray (book fair)

- Brittany Burgess (scholarship/stipend)

- Nick Di'Cresce (hospitality/awards)

- Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck (chair)

- Jon Gray (Project WILD)

- Ashlie Smith

- Christy McGillivray

- Brittany Burgess (chair)

- Elizabeth Pike (membership)

- Christy McGillivray

- Marilena Burlacu

- All current board members

- Nick Di'Cresce (chair)

- Kevin Frailey (chair)

- Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck

- Katie Kunze

- Anne Jeanette LaSavoge

- Jody Harrington

- Ashlie Smith

- Brittany Burgess

Description & Goals

​1. Plan and execute a profitable and worthwhile annual conference

2. Work with local partners to maximize local relationships and use of resources

1. Continue to review and administer mini-grants

2. Move the EEC toward implementation

3. House the formal Project WILD partnership

1. Update website and social media, and communicate with members

2. Recruit and retain members

3. Increase MAEOE's presence in MI

4. Inform new members of current legislative or new actions relevant to EE and OE at the local, state and federal level

1. Establish a budget that allows MAEOE to accomplish its goals

2. Plan a donation form for the website and the MAEOEgram

3. Advise the EEC Commitee on a fee schedule

4. Keep membership and conference fees as low as possible

1. Develop a 2-3 year plan for the organization in line with our vision and mission.  Which includes goals, strategies, and specific designated action items.

1. Increasing the diversity in the overall membership of MAEOE

2. Adding more diverse representation to MAEOE’s board

3. Increasing diversity in the groups/communities that MAEOE serves and works with

4. Enhancing the ability of all MAEOE members’ to work with diverse audiences. 

Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education