FEB 1-3 2019

Imagine a quiet get away in Michigan’s north country, learning fascinating information about nature, enjoying good meals, hospitality, warm fires and great company! This atmosphere is the basis of a new MAEOE initiative to teach about Michigan’s natural world in a relaxing setting with enthusiastic and fun instruction. With about 12 hours of instruction over the weekend, you become the neighborhood expert. Come experience a Wildlife Weekend this winter. Choose from Mammal Mania or Michigan, My Michigan.

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MAEOE Mission:

Promoting Environmental Literacy Through Education



Get Certified!

The environmental educator certification (EEC) program allows new educators and career professionals the opportunity to invigorate and align their program objectives and set personal and professional goals to improve Michigan’s environmental education.

The EEC is recognized by the North American Association of Environmental Eduction (NAAEE) and aligns with their requirements  of a certified EE.


Get Involved


Join a Committee

We have many committees to choose from. Each have minimal commitments throughout the year and meet via email or conference call. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference!

Wildlife Weekend

Enjoy an educational and entertaining weekend learning about natural history themes with fellow Michiganders, with an in-depth look at wildlife, plants and a variety of other subjects.

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Please consider supporting MAEOE's mission with a tax deductible donation.