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The 2019 MAEOE Conference will be held at the beautiful Kettunen Center near Tustin, MI.  The Kettunen Center is owned and operated by the 4-H Foundation and is affiliated with Michigan State University. Its 153 acres of rolling hills and beautiful lakefront provide the perfect backdrop for MAEOE’s annual conference.

Unlike the past several years in which MAEOE conferences were held in urban venues and participants were required to find and pay for their own lodging and most of their meals, the Kettunen Center is a self-contained campus.

*All meals, Friday lunch through Sunday breakfast (6 total) are included in your full registration fee!  This includes Friday evening’s annual MAEOE MASH and the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening. *

2019 Conference Rates

Member: Full Conference - $200; One Day - $110

Non-Member: Full Conference - $250; One Day - $150

Student/Retiree: Full Conference - $150; One Day - $80

Student/Retiree Non-Member: Full Conference - $200'; One Day - $110

Guest Tickets: Banquet - $25; MASH - $15 (Included for those registered for the conference)


MAEOE 2019 rustic.jpg

MAEOE Mission:

Promoting Environmental Literacy Through Education



Get Involved



Join us for our next a meet-up event on May 25th!

We will join the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail and ride a total of 12 miles round-trip to the Kalamazoo Nature Center and back to Arcadia to enjoy a beer & conversation with fellow educators on the bank of the Kalamazoo River. This is a free event but registration is required.

MAEOE Grants

MAEOE offers grants for it's members for an environmental education program for the public that incorporates outdoor activities.

Make a Donation

Please consider supporting MAEOE's mission with a tax deductible donation. 




Get Certified!

The environmental educator certification (EEC) program allows new educators and career professionals the opportunity to invigorate and align their program objectives and set personal and professional goals to improve Michigan’s environmental education.

The EEC is recognized by the North American Association of Environmental Eduction (NAAEE) and aligns with their requirements  of a certified EE.