Please take the opportunity to nominate a colleague for an annual award from Michigan’s professional association for environmental and outdoor education.  There are five award categories (listed below) and a deadline of August 31st, 2018

Award recipients will be recognized at the Oct. 5-7, 2018 conference in Port Huron. 

You need not be a member of MAEOE to nominate or receive an award. 

Submit nominations via email to the 2018 MAEOE Awards Chair, Natalie Elkins at  for more information. 

2018 Award Nomination Form


William Stapp Environmental Education Award is named for the University of Michigan’s Dr. Bill Stapp and is MAEOE’s highest honor in the field of Environmental Education. The Stapp Award is most appropriatefor those  with  a  long  career  conducting  formal  or  non‐formal  programs  that  may  focus  on,  but  not  be  limited  to,  community awareness and stewardship of land, water, and/or air quality, solid and hazardous waste education,  energy conservation and others.   This award nomination requires two additional support letters. 

Julian Smith Outdoor Education Award is named for  the nationally recognized Director of Michigan State’s  Outdoor Education Project and is MAEOE’s highest honor in the field of Outdoor Education. The Smith Award is  most appropriate for those with a long career implementing and conducting courses for students with an outdoor  education  emphasis  including  hunting,  fishing,  camping,  archery,  forestry  and  nature  study  and  others.  This  award nomination requires two additional support letters.

MAEOE Recognition Award for an individual making significant contributions to the fields of EE and/or outdoor  education in a specialized area such as journalism, photography, curriculum development, interpretation or other. 

MAEOE  Appreciation  Award for an  individual  making  significant  contributions  towards  creating,  delivering,  managing or sustaining EE and/or outdoor education programs. 

MAEOE Volunteer Award for an individual who volunteers their time and skills for more than one year to   a  school,  college,  camp,  outdoor  center,  zoo,  nature  center  or  other  venue  that  promotes  EE  or  outdoor  education.