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Holding Plant

MAEOE Recognitions

We value Environmental Stewardship & Advocacy for Education

We are committed to nature and to people. We believe that every person can make a positive difference. Through education, personal discovery, and transformational experiences, we foster a conservation ethic in current and future generations.  By connecting people with nature, we inspire everyone to be stewards of the environment.

a happy old woman holding a peice of grass


a small gathering of young aduklts getting ready to go camping


We value Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness in all that we do

We are welcoming and respectful to everyone and seek diverse perspectives, talents and contributions. We believe that every person has something to contribute towards a better future and that when people feel a sense of belonging, they are equipped with the power to create change towards a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world. We are committed to eliminating the barriers that prevent all voices from being heard and present in our natural world. By creating opportunities for the outdoor world to be accessible to people regardless of their educational, ethnic, or social background, we believe we will have a greater impact on creating a more sustainable planet. We work on ensuring that our policies, procedures and offerings are equitable and available to all. 

We value Collaboration & Partnerships...

because we know that no one organization can solve all problems. We believe in the value of creating meaningful connections as a solution to the environmental challenges we all face. 

small crowd of people exploring small patch of forest


small gathering of people greeting each other


We are committed to Continual Improvement & Organizational Effectiveness

We seek to always improve the way we work and look through the lens of our members. We are open to feedback and encourage our members to offer suggestions that will make the organization better for all.  We seek new and innovative ways to run our programs and services.

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