Greetings, EEC Participant!

Welcome to the EEC program.  Upon receiving payment you will receive an email to gain access to the EEC’s online portal.  

Within our online platform, you will have access to resources for each of the six themes identified by NAAEE as the essential knowledge and skills every environmental educator should demonstrate.  You will reflect on each theme, apply what you learned, and submit all your required documents for Strands 2-5.

The portal is available yet still under development.  Its completion is set for the near future, and the current status of the contents will not hinder your progress.  

Realize you can always work on various parts of the EEC as you move through the program.  Refer to the latest EEC document for details. An updated version will be posted online by the conference, but there are no major changes to the requirements since July 2019.  :) 

Start your online EEC journey today by clicking on the link given in this email and completing any of the required fields.

Once you are on our home page, start with the welcome and become acquainted with the layout. Submit anything that you see needs submitting.  :) 

Please keep me posted with any questions, comments, or concerns about the EEC or online experience.  The EEC Committee and I are always here to help!



Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck, Ph.D.

MAEOE-EEC Coordinator

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