MAEOE Grants

The Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) offers Environmental Education (EE) Grants.  Our hope is to help broaden the horizon of students, teachers, and families to bring them closer to the natural world.

Grant applications that address all criteria identified in MAEOE’s requirements will be given consideration.

Grant Criteria:

o The grant must be used for an EE program for non-formal (e.g. nature centers/zoos) or formal (e.g. PreK-12 classrooms) educational audiences that incorporates outdoor activities.

o Programs must demonstrate correlation to the MAEOE Mission

o MiELP Document available at o Grants are considered twice a year, deadlines are March 15th and October 15th.

o Awardees will be announced April 15th and November 15th.

o Grants must be submitted 45 days prior to proposed program to allow for review and approval by the MAEOE Board.

o Grants awarded in April must be completed by November 15th. Grants awarded in November must be completed by April 15th.

o Grants are awarded to MAEOE members only.

o Grant requests are funded based on a maximum of $500. A $5/person rate guideline will be considered for transportation and/or program admission costs.

o Grants whose program or materials demonstrate evidence of long-term impact will be given highest priority.

o Grant funds are best used for reusable equipment and educational supplies, and approved materials/services that support exceptional programs, events, or field trips.

o Grant funds cannot be used for staff time.

o A detailed line item budget is required illustrating costs, vendors, and uses for requested purchases. Attached.

o Grants that fail to provide a detailed, line item budget will not be considered for funding.

o If approved, grant funds are distributed following the submission of requirements below.

o Grant reporting must occur by the following deadlines, and must include:

1. Submission within in one week after the event: Press releases acknowledging MAEOE as a supporter.

2. Submission within one week after the event: final attendance numbers.

3. Submission within one month after the event: an article, and 4 pictures of event, to be published in the next MAEOEgram newsletter.

4. Submission within one month after the event: proof of purchases, or receipts, for materials or services covered by the grant.

5. If grant criteria and reporting is not met, funds will not be disbursed.

*Note:  Due to MAEOE’s partnership with Project WILD, although not required, special consideration may be afforded for projects that can demonstrate utilization of Project WILD or other WILD curricula.


        The initial application and reporting documents should be sent to the

MAEOE Education Committee Chair at