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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Check out the most recent MAEOE annual report. Board meetings happen once a month typically on the second Wednesday of the month via conference call. If you have an agenda item, please contact the MAEOE President  at maeoe.president@gmail.com.  Board Meeting Minutes are available upon request. Please contact the MAEOE admin, Elizabeth Pike at admin@maeoe.com for a copy of the meeting minutes.



MAEOE publishes an electronic newsletter titled the MAEOEgram three times per year (winter, spring, and fall).  MAEOE members receive the newsletter via email, (members may request to receive newsletters via U.S. mail).  The newsletter is a fantastic way to learn about events, resources, and activities around the state! 

For additional questions about the MAEOEgram please contact the MAEOEgram Editor, Scot Martin or the MAEOEgram Designer, Rachel Spelich.

Members can see past issues of the MAEOEgram by accessing the Member page.   Email admin@maeoe.com for login information.



Members and member organizations are invited to submit articles for inclusion in the MAEOEgram.  Please keep in mind that articles may not be accepted for publication and may be subject to minor editing.  To submit articles, please send MSWord files electronically to maeoegram@gmail.com.   

Please limit your articles to 700 words and include no more than 3 pictures (not embedded in the article) with captions to accent your article.

Occasionally we publish issues thematically, for more information on the upcoming theme contact our editor at maeoegram@gmail.com.

Due dates for submissions are March 15, July 15, and December 15 to be published on the 15th of the following month.


Join us on Saturday, May 22 at 11am for our Spring MAEOE Meetup!


Spring is a great time to ride a bike, and the William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Bicycle Tree is a fully paved, gently rolling terrain to see some nature and the results of one of our state’s Rails to Trails projects. Come join us on Saturday, May 22 at the west side of the state for some cycling, some nature, and some lunch at Big Hart Brewing.


We are making the MAEOE Meetup a more regular happening.  The goal is to provide 4 opportunities a year (one/season) for members to meet up to learn about the outdoors and the environment and spread these events out across our state, with North, South, East and West being the focus.  

If you have a great place for members to explore the outdoors, or the indoors, and you are willing to lead, this is your opportunity. Hikes, bike rides, museums, nature centers, sanctuaries--we want to give unique opportunities to our members to explore our state.


If you are interested in leading a Meetup, please fill the host application.  We are looking for meetups starting in winter (late 2021 or early 2022).  


Did you miss the Membership Meeting or one of our other webinars? Check out our recordings!

P.O. Box 51235, Livonia, MI 48151 | admin@maeoe.com 

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