Urban Environmental Education


MAEOE Sponsored EE and Urban Workshops in Detroit for the 2013-2014 School Year

MAEOE has a long-term commitment to providing environmental education professional development for urban teachers in Michigan. MAEOE began the urban environmental education initiative in 2009.  MAEOE writes grants to fund teacher workshops, classroom supplies, and field trip stipends for urban students to explore and enjoy the natural world. MAEOE regularly partners with the Detroit Public Schools Math and Science Center to fund activity guides and/or workshop presenters for the EE workshops in Detroit. 

MAEOE is also the partner in the "Developing Middle/High School Students to Become Urban Forest Stewards" program that is funded by the USDA Forest Service and supports 20 teachers per year for 3 years, providing teacher workshops, classroom EE curricula and supplies, field trips, stewardship projects, community work days, community/family open house events on Belle Isle to showcase students' stewardship work.

MAEOE is committed to hosting a conference in an urban setting every few years.