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Proposal to Change the
Method of Selecting MAEOE Officers

MAEOE is considering a proposal to change the structure of our Board of Directors (BOD) and to change the way we select officers for the BOD.

The Board of Directors (BOD) want the members of MAEOE to be well-informed about these proposed changes and to have a chance to express your opinions. At the 2018 MAEOE Conference, the BOD will hold a forum Sunday morning to allow members to discuss the proposed changes. If a member cannot attend the 2018 Conference but wishes to comment on the proposal, they may submit a written comment to the BOD. After the Conference, members will be asked to vote via on online poll on the proposed changes to the MAEOE bylaws. If the change is approved by the MAEOE membership, the changes would take effect during elections at our 2019 Conference.

Your questions and comments can be submitted to the Board at



MAEOE publishes an electronic newsletter titled the MAEOEgram three times per year (winter, spring, and fall).  MAEOE members receive the newsletter via email, (members may request to receive newsletters via U.S. mail).  The newsletter is a fantastic way to learn about events, resources, and activities around the state! 


Members and member organizations are invited to submit articles for inclusion in the MAEOEgram.  Please keep in mind that articles may not be accepted for publication and may be subject to minor editing.  To submit articles, please send MSWord files electronically to   

Please limit your articles to 600 words, size 11 calibri font. Please include no more than 3 pictures (compressed) with captions to accent your article.

Occasionally we publish issues thematically, for more information on the upcoming theme contact our editor at

Due dates for submissions are March 15, July 15, and December 15 to be published on the 15th of the following month.

For additional questions about the MAEOEgram please contact:


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Board Meetings

Board meetings happen once a month typically on the second Wednesday of the month via conference call. If you have an agenda item, please contact the MAEOE President, Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck at Board Meeting Minutes are available upon request. Please contact the MAEOE admin, Elizabeth Pike at for a copy of the meeting minutes.