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Submit your MAEOE Board Member Application

To submit your application, you will need your completed  Board Application, current resume, short biography, and a head shot.

Each Board Candidate will be featured on with your provided bio, photo, application, resume, and a short 2 minute video explaining why you are running for an open Director at Large position. You may also share any relevant social media connections. However, social media links are optional. All other form fields are required. 


The Board Candidate cycle will open May 1st thru August 15th, 2024. After August 15th, all materials will be reviewed and we will reach out to each qualified candidate with further instructions for submitting your video. To facilitate this request, please use an email address you can be reached at in early August. If it does not match your membership information, please fill out the alternate email field.

Application deadline 8/15/24

Personal Information

Committee History

It is preferred that all MAEOE Board Applicants will have served on at least one MAEOE committee in the last five years. Please select the name from the drop down and check all years that apply to your work with that committee. Only one is required but you may tell us about up to three committees. Select "None" if you have not served on any MAEOE committees in the last five years.

Years Active
Years Active
Years Active

Optional Information

Social Media Profiles

File Upload

All MAEOE Board Applicants must attach a completed MAEOE Board Application, resume, and photo of themselves. This information will be displayed on our website during the election cycle to assist members in making their voting selections. *all personal contact information will be redacted from the application prior to posting.

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*Please be patient while your documents upload and the form submission completes. This may take up to 2 minutes on slower connections. Once submission completes you will get a success message. 

Have questions regarding the MAEOE Board Candidate form? Email the Marketing Committee Chairs at

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