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The mission of the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education is to serve as the statewide network and advocate for professionals who are educating Michigan citizens toward environmental literacy, stewardship and outdoor recreation. Membership benefits include voting privileges, reduced rates at the Annual Conference, and subscriptions to the membership list-serve and MAEOE-gram newsletter.


1 Year Individual Membership


3 Year Individual Membership


1 Organizational Membership*


3 Year Organizational Membership*


1 Year Student / Senior (60+) Membership


3 Year Senior (60+) Membership


Lifetime Membership


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Want To Become A Member?

*Organizational memberships include up to three individuals

What Can MAEOE do for You?


Networking and Professional Development

  • Access to hundreds of environmental and outdoor educators who work in classrooms and non formal settings throughout our state.

  • A listserv where you can ask questions and share information.  This provides you with up-to-date program and professional development opportunities.  

  • MAEOE meetups where you can explore the outdoors of Michigan with other members.

  • MAEOEgram newsletter full of outdoor ideas and experiences

  • Yearly Conference, in different Michigan locales each year, celebrating outdoor and environmental experiences and techniques.

  • Active Social Media Community for quick updates of programs and ideas.


Access to Other Like-minded Organizations


Opportunity to be Certified in Environmental Education

  • Only Environmental Education Certification Program in State

  • Nationally recognized by NAAEE

  • Peer-Supported Process that can be accomplished in a few years


Personal Member Benefits

  • Grants for Environmental and Outdoor Projects

  • Awards Recognizing Achievement in Environmental and Outdoor Education.


Come join the environmental and outdoor educator leaders of the state and help us get more people outside to be stewards of our great state. 

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