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MAEOE in the D

Saturday, April 30th 10:00AM

Maheras Gentry Park.   Alfred Brush Park.  Riverfront-Lakewood East Park.


What do three parks located on the Detroit River have in common? They will all be included in a unique MAEOE meet-up this spring. This MAEOE meet-up will not only include YOU, the MAEOE member, but will include the local community as well.

Come see what the future will look like for the Outdoor Education Movement in Michigan’s largest city. This is about MAEOE members being a part of the process. We will walk and talk with the community as we hike through the parks, assist the community as we collect data as part of a mini Bio-blitz of the area, and help with shoreline clean-up to help prevent winter trash from making it into the river. 

Invite your friends and family to participate in what could be the largest MAEOE meet-up to date. Also bring your old out-of-date cell phones, computers, etc. and they will be recycled for free!

So on April 30th at 10am you will want to be standing in Riverfront Lakewood East Park in Detroit and join MAEOE in THE “D”.

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