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MAEOE Board of Directors

The MAEOE board of directors is a member-elected body with the election held at the annual conference. To hold a director-at-large seat you should meet 3 basic criteria.


Be a Current Member

Only current MAEOE members are eligible to fill open board positions. All applicants must be a member in "good standing" for the last two consecutive years.


Have Time to Get Involved

  • Service term - 3 years

  • Serve on at least 2 committees 

  • Attend monthly Board meetings 

     (mostly via Google Meet)

  • Attend Conference at your own expense

  • Contribute to the MAEOEgram once per calendar year

  • Working 4 -10 hours per month


Have Committee Experience

Committee work is how things get done inside of MAEOE. This is a critical part of our organization. To make sure we have applicants who are up to the task, we suggest all candidates have served on at least one committee in the past 5 years.

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